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The Oxford Handbook of the Corporation

Edited by: Thomas Clarke, Justin O'Brien, Charles O'Kelley

ISBN13: 9780198737063
Published: March 2019
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Country of Publication: UK
Format: Hardback
Price: £125.00

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The Oxford Handbook of the Corporation assesses the contemporary relevance, purpose, and performance of the corporation.

The corporation is one of the most significant, if contested, innovations in human history, and the direction and effectiveness of corporate law, corporate governance, and corporate performance are being challenged as never before. Continuously evolving, the corporation as the primary instrument for wealth generation in contemporary economies demands frequent assessment and reinterpretation.

The focus of this work is the transformative impact of innovation and change upon corporate structure, purpose, and operation. Corporate innovation is at the heart of the value creation process in increasingly internationalized and competitive market economies, and corporations today are embedded in a world of complex global supply chains and rising state and state-directed capitalism.

In questioning the fundamental purpose and performance of the corporation, this Handbook continues a tradition commenced by Berle and Means, and contributed to by generations of business scholars. What is the corporation and what is it becoming? How do we define its form and purpose and how are these changing? To whom is the corporation responsible, and who should judge the ultimate performance of corporations?

By investigating the origins, development, strategies, and theories of corporations, this volume addresses such questions to provide a richer theoretical account of the topic.

Company Law
1: The Evolving Corporation: Economy, Law, and Society, Thomas Clarke and Justin O'Brien
I: Genesis of the Corporation
2: The Dutch East India Company: The First Corporate Governance Debacle, Paul Frentrop
3: The English East India Company-State and the Modern Corporation: The Google of its Time?, Philip J. Stern
4: Socialising Capital: The Rise of the Industrial Corporation, William G. Roy
II: Corporate Purposes and Accountability
5: From Berle to the Present: The Shifting Primacies of Corporation Theory, Charles R. T. O'Kelley
6: Understanding the Roots of Shareholder Primacy: The Meaning of Agency Theory, and the Conditions of its Contagion, Olivier Weinstein
III: Theories of the Firm
7: Corporate Purpose: Legal Interpretations and Empirical Evidence, Shelley Marshall and Ian Ramsay
8: Corporate Law as a Solution to Team Production Problems, Margaret M. Blair
9: Corporations as Sempiternal Legal Persons, Lynn Stout
IV: Political Theory of the Corporation
10: Finance Capitalism, the Financialised Corporation, and Countervailing Power, John W. Cioffi
11: The Neoliberal Corporation, David Ciepley
12: Theorizing the Corporation: Liberal, Confucian and Socialist Perspectives, Teemu Ruskola
V: Strategies of Contemporary Corporations
13: Global Corporations and Global Value Chains: The Disaggregation of Corporations?, Thomas Clarke and Martijn Boersma
14: Growth Strategies of the New Multinationals, Mauro F. Guillén and Esteban Garcia-Canal
VI: Diversity of Institutions and Corporations
15: Corporations, Organisation, and Human Action: An Anthropological Critique of Agency Theory, Jean-François Chanlat
16: The Japanese Corporation: Community, Purpose, and Strategy, Takaya Seki
VII: The Innovative Corporation
17: Dynamic Capabilities, the Multinational Corporation, and Capturing Co-created Value from Innovation, Christos N. Pitelis and David J. Teece
18: The Theory of Innovative Enterprise: Foundations of Economic Analysis, William Lazonick
19: Corporations in the Clouds? The Transformation of the Corporation in an Era of Disruptive Innovations, Danielle M. Logue
VIII: The Responsible Corporation
20: The Changing Nature of the Corporation and the Economic Theory of the Firm, Nicolai Foss and Stefan Linder
21: Corporate Responsibility and the Embedded Firm: A Critical Reappraisal, Cynthia A. Williams
IX: The Sustainable Corporation
22: The Greening of the Corporation, Thomas Clarke
23: Corporate Sustainability in a Fragile Planet, Suzanne Benn and Melissa Edwards
X: The Future of the Corporation
24: Transcending the Corporation: Social Enterprise, Cooperatives and Commons-Based Governance, Bronwen Morgan
25: The Evolution of Corporate Form: From Shareholders' Property to the Corporation as Commons, Simon Deakin