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Commentaries on the Laws of England: Volume 2

ISBN13: 9780226055411
ISBN: 0226055418
Published: November 1979
Publisher: The University of Chicago Press
Country of Publication: USA
Format: Paperback
Price: £39.00

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A Facsimile of the First Edition of 1765 - 1769, with an introduction by A.W. Brian Simpson

Sir William Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England (1765-69) stands as the first great effort to reduce the English common law to a unified and rational system. Blackstone demonstrated that the English law as a system of justice was comparable to Roman law and the civil law of the Continent.

Clearly and elegantly written, the work achieved immediate renown and exerted a powerful influence on legal education in England and in America which was to last into the late nineteenth century. The book is regarded not only as a legal classic but as a literary masterpiece.

Previously available only in an expensive hardcover set, Commentaries on the Laws of England is published here in four separate volumes, each one affordably priced in a paperback edition. These works are facsimiles of the eighteenth-century first edition and are undistorted by later interpolations. Each volume deals with a particular field of law and carries with it an introduction by a leading contemporary scholar.

Introducing this second volume, Of the Rights of Things A.W. Simpson discusses the history of Blackstone's theory of various aspects of property rights-real property, feudalism, estates, titles, personal property and contracrs - and the work of his predecessors.

Legal History
1: On the Study of the Law
2: Of the Nature of Laws in General
3: Of the Laws of England
4: Of the Countries Subject to the Laws of England
Book 1: Rights of Persons
1: Of the Absolute Rights of Individuals
2: Of the Parliament
3: Of the King, and His Title
4: Of the King's Royal Family
5: Of the Councils Belonging to the King
6: Of the King's Duties
7: Of the King's Prerogative
8: Of the King's Revenue
9: Of Subordinate Magistrates
10: Of the People, whether Aliens, Denizens, or Natives
11: Of the Clergy
12: Of the Civil State
13: Of the Military and Maritime States
14: Of Master and Servant
15: Of Husband and Wife
16: Of Parent and Child
17: Of Guardian and Ward
18: Of Corporations
Book 2: Rights of Things
1: Of Property in General
2: Of Real Propety and, First, of Corporeal Hereditaments
3: Incorporeal Hereditaments
4: Of the Feudal System
5: Of the Ancient English Tenures
6: Of the Modern English Tenures
7: Of Freehold Estates, of Inheritance
8: Of Freeholds, Not of Inheritance
9: Of Estates Less than Freehold
10: Of Estates Upon Condition
11: Of Estates in Possession, Remainder, and Reversion
12: Of Estates in Severalty, Joint-Tenancy, Coparcenary, and Common
13: Of the Title to Things Real in General
14: Of Title by Descent
15: Of Title by Purchase, and First by Escheat
16: Of Title by Occupancy
17: Of Title by Prescription
18: Of Title by Forfeiture
19: Of Title by Alienation
20: Of Alienation by Deed
21: Of Alienation by Matter of Record
22: Of Alienation by Special Custom
23: Of Alienation by Devise
24: Of Things Personal
25: Of Property in Things Personal
26: Of Title to Things Personal by Occupancy
27: Of Title by Prerogative, and Forfeiture
28: Of Title by Custom
29: Of Title by Succession, Marriage, and Judgment
30: Of Title by Gift, Grant, and Contract
31: Of Title by Bankruptcy
32: Of Title by Testament, and Administration
Book 3: Private Wrongs
1: Of the Redress of Private Wrongs by the Mere Act of Parties
2: Of Redress by the Mere Operation of Law
3: Of Courts in General
4: Of the Public Courts of Common Law and Equity
5: Of Courts Ecclesiastical, Military and Maritime
6: Of Courts of a Special Jurisdiction
7: Of the Cognizance of Private Wrongs
8: Of Wrongs and Their Remedies, Respecting the Rights of Persons
9: Of Injuries to Personal Property
10: Of Injuries to Real Property, and First of Dispossession, or Ouster
11: Of Dispossession, or Ouster, of Chattels Real
12: Of Trespass
13: Of Nuisance
14: Of Waste
15: Of Subtraction
16: Of Disturbance
17: Of Injuries Preeceding From, or Affecting, The Crown
18: Of the Pursuit of Remedies by Action
and, First, of the Original Writ
19: Of Process
20: Of Pleading
21: Of Issue and Demurrer
22: Of the Several Species of Trial
23: Of the Trial by Jury
24: Of Judgments, and Its Incidents
25: Of Proceedings, In the Nature of Appeals
26: Of Execution
27: Of Proceedings in the Courts of Equity
Appendix I
Appendix II
Appendix III
Book 4: Public Wrongs
1: Of the Nature of Crimes, and Their Punishment
2: Of the Persons Capable of Committing Crimes
3: Of Principals and Accessories
4: Of Offenses Against God and Religion
5: Of Offenses Against the Law of Nations
6: Of High Treason
7: Of Felonies, Injurious to the King's Perogative
8: Of Praemunire
9: Of Misprisions and Contempts, Affecting the King and Government
10: Of Offenses Against Public Justice
11: Of Offenses Against the Public Peace
12: Of Offenses Against Public Trade
13: Of Offenses Against the Public Health, the Public Police or Economy ;
14: Of Homicide
15: Of Offenses Against the Persons of Individuals
16: Of Offenses Against the Habitations of Individuals
17: Of Offenses Against Private Property
18: Of the Means of Preventing Offenses
19: Of the Courts of Criminal Jurisdiction
20: Of Summary Convictions
21: Of Arrests
22: Of Commitment and Bail
23: Of the Several Modes of Prosecution
24: Of Process Upon an Indictment
25: Of Arraignment, and Its Incidents
26: Of Plea, and Issue
27: Of Trial, and Conviction
28: Of the Benefit of Clergy
29: Of Judgment, and its Consequences
30: Of Reversal of Judgment
31: Of Reprieve, and Pardon
32: Of Execution
33: Of the Rise, Progress, and Gradual Improvements, of the Laws of England