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Vol 24 No 10 Oct/Nov 2019

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Environmental Law and Climate Change

Edited by: Jonathan Verschuuren

ISBN13: 9781783476183
Published: August 2015
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing Limited
Country of Publication: UK
Format: Hardback, 2 Volumes
Price: £650.00

Despatched in 4 to 6 days.

This timely two-volume set brings together several of the most important and influential journal articles and papers in the broad field of climate law.

The editor has selected essential scholarship on the international law making process and mitigation, which discusses important factors including emissions, trading, taxes and the CDM. In addition, the collection discusses adaptation (in a wide variety of fields such as sea level rise, water, biodiversity, cities and agriculture), liability, climate justice and human rights, and climate engineering. Along with an original introduction by Professor Verschuuren, this collection is particularly valuable to university and academic institution libraries, allowing for a convenient single access point to the linchpin articles of the emerging field of climate law.

Environmental Law
Introduction Jonathan Verschuuren

1. John C. Dernbach and Seema Kakade (2008), 'Climate Change Law: An Introduction', Energy Law Journal, 29 (1), 1---31

2. Harro van Asselt, Francesco Sindico and Michael A. Mehling (2008), 'Global Climate Change and the Fragmentation of International Law', Law and Policy, 30 (4), October, 423-49
3. William Boyd (2010), 'Climate Change, Fragmentation, and the Challenges of Global Environmental Law: Elements of a Post-Copenhagen Assemblage', University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law, 32 (2), 457-550
4. Jacqueline Peel, Lee Godden and Rodney J. Keenan (2012), 'Climate Change Law in an Era of Multi-Level Governance', Transnational Environmental Law, 1 (2), October, 245-80
5. Joanne Scott (2011), 'The Multi-Level Governance of Climate Change', Carbon and Climate Law Review, 1, 25-33
6. Charlotte Streck (2012), Innovativeness and Paralysis in International Climate Policy', Transnational Environmental Law, 1 (1), April, 137-52
7. Rowena Maguire (2013), 'The Role of Common but Differentiated Responsibility in the 2020 Climate Regime', Carbon and Climate Law Review, 4, 260-69
8. Meinhard Doelle (2010), 'Early Experience with the Kyoto Compliance System: Possible Lessons for MEA Compliance System Design', Climate Law, 1, 237-60
9. Darragh Conway (2010), 'The United Nations Security Council and Climate Change: Challenges and Opportunities', Climate Law, 1, 375-407

10. Neil Gunningham (2012), 'Confronting the Challenge of Energy Governance', Transnational Environmental Law, 1 (1), April, 119-35
11. Javier de Cendra de Larragan (2010), 'From the EU ETS to a Global Carbon Market: An Analysis and Suggestions for the Way Forward', European Energy and Environmental Law Review, 19 (1), February, 2-17
12. Michael Mehling (2012), 'Between Twilight and Renaissance: Changing Prospects for the Carbon Market', Carbon and Climate Law Review, 4, 277-90
13. Stefan E. Weishaar and Edwin Woerdman (2012), 'Auctioning EU ETS Allowances: An Assessment of Market Manipulation from the Perspective of Law and Economics', Climate Change, 3 (3-4), 247-63
14. Marjan Peeters (2006), 'Inspection and Market-based Regulation through Emissions Trading: The Striking Reliance on Self-monitoring, Self-reporting and Verification', Utrecht Law Review, 2 (1), June, 177-95
15. Kirsten H. Engel (20006), 'Mitigating Global Climate Change in the United States: A Regional Approach', New York University Environmental Law Journal, 14, 54-85
16. Bo Kong and Carla Freeman (2013), 'Making Sense of Carbon Market Development in China', Carbon and Climate Law Review, 3, 194-212
17. Jonathan S. Masur and Eric A. Posner (2011), 'Climate Regulation and the Limits of Cost-Benefit Analysis', California Law Review, 99 (6), 1557-99
18. Reuven S. Avi-Yonah and David M. Uhlmann (2009), 'Combating Global Climate Change: Why a Carbon Tax Is a Better Response to Global Warming Than Cap and Trade', Stanford Environmental Law Journal, 28 (3), 3-50
19. Kateryna Holzer and Nashina Shariff (2012), 'The Inclusion of Border Carbon Adjustments in Preferential Trade Agreements: Policy Implications', Carbon and Climate Law Review, 3, 246-60
20. Cameron Hutchison (2006), 'Does TRIPS Facilitate or Impede Climate Change Technology Transfer into Developing Countries?', University of Ottawa Law and Technology Journal, 3 (2), 517-37
21. Rafael Leal-Arcas (2012), 'Unilateral Trade-related Climate Change Measures', Journal of World Investment and Trade, 13 (6), 875-927
22. Felix Ekardt, Bettina Hennig and Hartwig von Bredow (2011), 'Land Use, Climate Change and Emissions Trading', Carbon and Climate Law Review, 3, 371-83
23. Maosheng Duan (2011), 'Reform of the Clean Development Mechanism: Where Should We Head For?', Carbon and Climate Law Review, 2, 169-77
24. Nicola Durrant (2011), 'Legal Issues in Carbon Farming: Biosequestration, Carbon Pricing, and Carbon Rights', Climate Law, 2 (4), 515-33
25. Annecoos Wiersema (2014), 'Climate Change, Forests, and International Law: REDD's Descent into Irrelevance', Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law, 47 (1), January, 1-66

Volume II
An introduction to both volumes by the editor appears in Volume I

1. J.B. Ruhl (2010), 'Climate Change Adaptation and the Structural Transformation of Environmental Law', Environmental Law Review, 40 (2), 363-431
2. Robin Kundis Craig (2010), '"Stationarity is Dead" - Long Live Transformation: Five Principles for Climate Change Adaptation Law', Harvard Environmental Law Review, 34, 9-73 [65]
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4. Alexis Saba, Michela Biasutti, Michael B. Gerrard and David B. Lobell (2013), 'Getting Ahead of the Curve: Supporting Adaptation to Long-term Climate Change and Short-term Climate Variability Alike', Carbon and Climate Law Review, 1, 3-23
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