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BIALL Supplier of the year 2014
Wildy & Sons Ltd, winner of the 2014 ‘BIALL Supplier of the Year Award’.

Author: Livingstone, Stephen

Image not available Prison Law 5th ed ISBN 9780199688432 to be published March 2015 by Oxford University Press £145.00 - Due March 2015 
Cover of Prison Law Prison Law 4th ed ISBN 9780199211012
published March 2008
Oxford University Press
Cover of Prison Law Prison Law 3rd ed ISBN 9780199258994
published August 2004
Oxford University Press
Out of print 
Cover of Civil Liberties Law Civil Liberties Law ISBN 9780406555113
published April 2003
Oxford University Press
Image not available Towards a Procedural Regime for the International Criminal Court ISBN 9781897676981 published June 2002 by £35.00 (Second Hand) 
Cover of The Inter-American System of Human Rights The Inter-American System of Human Rights ISBN 9780198265528
published June 1998
Oxford University Press
Image not available Reshaping Public Power: Northern Ireland and the British Constitutional Crisis ISBN 9780421528901 published September 1995 by Sweet & Maxwell Ltd £37.95 
Image not available Law, Society and Change ISBN 9781855211056 published March 1991 by Ashgate Publishing Ltd Out of print 
Cover of Introduction to the European Convention on Human Rights Introduction to the European Convention on Human Rights ISBN 9780198763376

Oxford University Press
Publication Abandoned 

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Vol 19 No 9 Sept/Oct 2014
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Cover: Who knows why?
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eBook Update (pp.28-29)
September Subscription Releases (pp.31-34)
Wildy Trips 2014 & 2015 (p.34)
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Cover of Paget's Law of Banking

Paget's Law of Banking

Edited by: Ali Malek, John Odgers, Pagets
ISBN13: 9781405763424
Published: September 2014
Publisher: LexisNexis Butterworths
Country of Publication: UK
Format: Hardback
Price: £475.00

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