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Vol 22 No 1 Jan/Feb 2017

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The Law of International Responsibility

Edited by: James Crawford, Alain Pellet, Simon Olleson, Dr Kate Parlett

ISBN13: 9780199296972
Published: May 2010
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Country of Publication: UK
Format: Hardback
Price: £285.00

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The law of international responsibility plays a fundamental role in the modern system of international law, surpassed by none and paralleled only by the law of treaties.

The volume seeks to cover the entirety of the field of international responsibility, with a particular focus on the work of the International Law Commission. It provides detailed discussion and analysis of the historically predominant topics of State responsibility, on which the ILC completed its work in 2001, and the specific sub-topic of diplomatic protection, work on which was completed by the ILC in 2006.

However, it also covers both the topic of responsibility of international organizations, on which the ILC's work is ongoing (a set of draft Articles having been adopted on first reading in 2009), and that of liability for harmful activities not prohibited under international law on which the ILC adopted drafts in 2001 and 2006.

The volume comprises contributions on specific issues in the international law of responsibility, authored by an international team of specialists in the field, which provides a comprehensive commentary of all aspects of the topic. The chapters are detailed in their coverage, discussing both international jurisprudence and doctrinal controversies, as well as providing a critical assessment of the relevant work of the ILC.

In addition to providing detailed consideration of the general secondary rules of international responsibility, coverage is also included of certain specific systems of responsibility and their relationship with the general rules under a number of specialised regimes, in particular under certain human rights treaties, the WTO, and investment protection treaties.

Public International Law
Part I Introduction - Responsibility and International Law
1: Alain Pellet: The Definition of Responsibility in International Law
2: James Crawford: The System of International Responsibility
3: Eric David: Primary and Secondary Rules
Part II International Responsibility - Development and Relationship with Other Areas of Law
4: Patrick Daillier: The Development of the Law of Responsibility in the Case Law
5: Martti Koskenniemi: Doctrines of State Responsibility
6: Lucie Laithier: Private Codification Efforts
7: Clémentine Bories: The Hague Conference of 1930
8: Daniel Müller: The Work of García-Amador on State Responsibility for Injury Caused to Aliens
9: Alain Pellet: The ILC's Articles on State Responsibility
10: Alan Boyle: Liability for Injurious Consequences of Acts Not Prohibited by International Law
11: Joe Verhoeven: The Law of Responsibility and the Law of Treaties
12: Vera Gowlland-Debbas: Responsibility and the United Nations Charter
13: Bruno Simma & Dirk Pulkowski: Leges speciales and Self-Contained Regimes
14: Jean-Marc Sorel: The Emergence of "Soft" Responsibility
15: Pierre-Marie Dupuy: Relations between the International Law of Responsibility and Responsibility in Municipal Law
Part III The Sources of International Responsibility
16: Gilbert Guillaume: Overview of Part One of the Articles on State Responsibility
17: Brigitte Stern: The Elements of an Internationally Wrongful Act
18: Luigi Condorelli & Claus Kress: The Rules of Attribution: General Considerations
19: Djamchid Momtaz, Gérard Cahin & Olivier de Frouville: Attribution of Conduct to the State
20: Christian Domincé: Attribution of Conduct to Multiple States and the Implication of a State in the Act of Another State
21: Václav Mikulka: State Succession and Responsibility
22: Pierre Klein: Attribution of Conduct to International Organizations
23: Christian Tomuschat, Gérard Cahin & Anna-Karin Lindblom: The Responsibility of Other Entities
24: Franck Latty: Actions and Omissions
25: Yumi Nishimura: Source of the Obligation
26: Constantin Economides: Content of the Obligation: Obligations of Means and Obligations of Result
27: Jean Salmon: Duration of the Breach
28: Paul Tavernier: Relevance of the Inter-temporal Law
29: James Crawford: International Crimes of States
30: Antonio Cassese: The Character of the Violated Obligation
31: Paola Gaeta: The Character of the Breach
32: Sandra Szurek: The Notion of Circumstances Precluding Wrongfulness
33: Affef Ben Mansour, Maja Ménard, Jean-Marc Thouvenin, Hubert Lesaffre, Sandra Szurek & Sarah Heathcote: Circumstances Precluding Wrongfulness in the ILC Articles on State Responsibility
34: Michel Montjoie: The Concept of Liability in the Absence of an Internationally Wrongful Act
35: Philippe Guttinger: Allocation of Responsibility for Harmful Consequences of Acts not Prohibited by International Law
36: Gerhard Hafner & Isabelle Buffard: Obligations of Prevention and the Precautionary Principle
Part IV The Content of International Responsibility
37: Roslyn Higgins: Overview of Part Two of the Articles on State Responsibility
38: Olivier Corten: The Obligation of Cessation
39: Sandrine Barbier: Assurances and Guarantees of Non-Repetition
40: Brigitte Stern: The Obligation of Reparation
41: Yann Kerbrat: Interaction Between the Forms of Reparation
42: Christine Gray, John Barker, Elihu Lauterpacht, Eric Wyler & Alain Papaux: The Different Forms of Reparation
43: Anaïs Moutier-Lopet: Contribution to the Injury
44: Alexander Orakhelashvili: Division of Reparation between Responsible Entities
45: Stephan Wittich: Punitive Damages
46: Martin Dawidowicz: The Obligation of Non-Recognition of an Unlawful Situation
47: Nina Jørgensen: The Obligation of Non-Assistance of the Responsible State
48: Nina Jørgensen: The Obligation of Cooperation
49: Antoine Ollivier: International Criminal Responsibility of the State
50: Rafaëlle Maison: The "Transparency" of the State
51: Susan Marks, Fiorentina Azizi, Raphaële Rivier, Jean-Paul Costa & Habib Gherari: Responsibility for Violations of Human Rights Obligations
52: Joanna Gomula: Responsibility and the World Trade Organization
53: Céline Nègre: Responsibility and International Environmental Law
54: Zachary Douglas, Daniel Müller & Drazen Petrovic: Other Specific Regimes of Responsibility
55: Jean-Marc Thouvenin: Responsibility in the Context of European Community Law
56: Régis Chemain: The "Polluter Pays" Principle
57: Mathias Forteau: Reparation in the Event of a Circumstance Precluding Wrongfulness
58: Gabriel Nakhleh & Mikael Quimbert: The Law of the Sea
59: Mathias Forteau: Space Law
60: Michel Montjoie: Nuclear Energy
Part V The Implementation of International Responsibility
61: James Crawford: Overview of Part Three of the Articles on State Responsibility
62: Giorgio Gaja: The Concept of an Injured State
63: Rosaria Huesa Vinaixa: Plurality of Injured States
64: Giorgio Gaja: States having an Interest in Compliance with the Obligation Breached
65: Václav Mikulka: Succession of States in respect of Rights of an Injured State
66: Eglantine Cujo: Invocation of Responsibility by International Organizations
67: Christian Tomuschat: Individuals
68: Anne-Laure Vaurs-Chamette: Peoples and Minority Groups
69: Vaughan Lowe: Corporations
70: Anne-Laure Vaurs-Chamette: The International Community as a Whole
71: Jacqueline Peel: Notice of Claim by an Injured State
72: Christian Tams: Waiver, Acquiescence and Extinctive Prescription
73: John Dugard: Diplomatic Protection
74: Muriel Ubéda-Saillard & Myriam Benlolo-Carabot: Functional Protection
75: Michael Waibel: The Diplomatic Channel
76: Nadine Susani: Conciliation and Other Forms of Non-Binding Third Party Dispute Settlement
77: Frederique Coulée: Arbitration
78: Gilles Cottereau: Resort to International Courts
79: Denis Alland: The Definition of Countermeasures
80: Linos-Alexandre Sicilianos: Countermeasures in Response to Grave Violations of Obligations owed to the International Community as a Whole
81: Yuji Iwasawa & Naoki Itwatsuki: Procedural Conditions
82: Roger O'Keefe: Proportionality
83: Maurice Kamto: The Time Factor in the Application of Countermeasures
84: Simon Olleson & Silvia Borelli: Obligations Relating to Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
85: Charles Leben: Obligations Relating to the Use of Force and Deriving from Peremptory Norms of International Law
86: Laurence Boisson de Chazournes: Other Non-Derogable Obligations
The ILC Texts
Draft Articles on State Responsibility (as adopted on first reading), 1996
Articles on Responsibility of States for Internationally Wrongful Acts, 2001
Articles on Diplomatic Protection, 2006
Draft Articles on Responsibility of International Organizations (as adopted on first reading), 2009