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BIALL Supplier of the year 2014
Wildy & Sons Ltd, winner of the 2014 ‘BIALL Supplier of the Year Award’.

This book is now Out of Print.
A new edition was published, see:
SRA Handbook: October 2011 3rd ed isbn 9781907698040

Solicitors Code of Conduct 2007: Including SRA Recognised Bodies Regulations 2009 2nd ed

Legal Practice Management, Professional Conduct and Ethics
1. Core duties; Rule
2. Client relations; Rule
3. Conflict of interests; Rule
4. Confidentiality and disclosure; Rule
5. Business management in England and Wales; Rule
6. Equality and diversity; Rule
7. Publicity; Rule
8. Fee sharing; Rule
9. Referrals of business; Rule
10. Relations with third parties; Rule
11. Litigation and advocacy; Rule
12. Framework of practice; Rule
13. In-house practice; Rule
14. Recognised bodies; Rule
15. Overseas practice; Rule
16. European cross-border practice; Rule
17. Insolvency practice; Rule
18. Property selling; Rule
19. Financial services; Rule
20. Requirements of practice; Rule
21. Separate businesses; Rule
22. Waivers; Rule
23. Application of these rules; Rule
24. Interpretation; Rule
25. Commencement and repeals; SRA Recognised Bodies Regulations 2009.

ISBN13: 9781853288135
ISBN: 1853288136
New Edition ISBN: 9781907698040
Previous Edition ISBN: 1853286451
Published: June 2009
Publisher: Law Society Publishing
Country of Publication: UK
Format: Paperback
Price: Out of print

Also Available - Companion to the the Solicitors' Code of Conduct 2007 2nd ed

The 2009 edition of the Solicitors’ Code of Conduct 2007 provides thorough coverage of changes made to the rules governing solicitors since publication of the first edition in 2007.

The code is issued by the Solicitors Regulation Authority as essential reading not only for every solicitor, but for all who wish to know the standards of service and conduct expected of solicitors. Key changes to the Code include substantial amendments to:

support firm-based regulation and LDPs, affecting:

  • Rule 12 – Framework of practice
  • Rule 14 – Recognised bodies (formerly Incorporated practice)
  • Rule 20 – Requirements of practice.

ensure that the rules apply to all managers and employees in firms, affecting:

  • Rule 5 – Business management in England and Wales
  • Rule 7 – Publicity
  • Rule 9 – Referrals of business.

In addition, the SRA Recognised Bodies Regulations 2009 came into force on 31st March 2009. New partnerships and LLPs are now required to apply for recognition before they can provide legal services. The regulations include coverage of the application process, conditions of recognition, renewal of recognition, and approval of a non-lawyer individual as suitable to be a ‘manager’.

The 2009 edition follows the format established by the 2007 edition, which substantially revised the rules and guidance. The standards are set out in the form of 25 mandatory rules. The core duties are set out in Rule 1. Each rule is accompanied by guidance which explains the rule and aids compliance.

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Cover of Typography for Lawyers: Essential Tools for Polished & Persuasive Documents

Typography for Lawyers: Essential Tools for Polished & Persuasive Documents

Edited by:
ISBN13: 9781598392623
Published: November 2015
Publisher: Jones McClure Publishing
Country of Publication: USA
Format: Paperback
Price: £30.00

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