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Vol 23 No 5 May/June 2018

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Cover of Drafting Commercial Agreements

Drafting Commercial Agreements

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This book is now Out of Print.
A new edition has been published, the details can be seen here:
Precedent Library for the General Practitioner 3rd ed isbn 9781784460051

Precedent Library for the General Practitioner 2nd ed

ISBN13: 9781853288289
New Edition ISBN: 9781784460051
Previous Edition ISBN: 9781853289866
Published: November 2009
Publisher: Law Society Publishing
Country of Publication: UK
Format: Hardback & CD-ROM
Price: Out of print

This indispensable work gives you quick, manageable, and affordable access to precedents that are most likely to be used on a day-to-day basis.

The precedents are organised into sections by area of practice. Each section starts with commentary, explaining the context for the subsequent precedents. The precedents are reproduced as separate files on the CD-ROM which accompanies the book. This enables practitioners to customise them swiftly and as needed.

The second edition features:-

  • a new section on Regulation and Client Care
  • fully updated precedents, taking account of the latest developments
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney – a step-by-step guide to designing your first LPA.
The fully updated second edition contains many new precedents covering areas such as companies and partnership, conveyancing, wills and probate, general civil litigation, employment, and more.

The Precedent Library for the General Practitioner offers a cost-effective alternative to the often expensive, vast online libraries of precedents that practitioners might never make full use of.

Courts and Procedure
1. Companies and Partnership
1.1 Written Resolution of all Directors as Substitute for a Meeting
1.2 Resolution of Directors for Issue of a Debenture
1.3 Debenture: Short Form
1.4 Debenture: Long Form
1.5 Terms and Conditions of Trading of an Employment Agency
1.6 Terms and Conditions of Trading of Secretarial Services Business
1.7 Confidentiality Agreement for Collaboration on a Project
1.8 Partnership Agreement (Small Professional Firm)
1.9 Salaried Partner's Agreement
1.10 Deed of Retirement of Partner
1.11 Personal Guarantee of Shareholder in Favour of Directors
1.12 Guarantee by Director or Shareholder of Company’s Debts: Short Form
1.13 Appointment of Director or Secretary (Form 288a)
1.14 Resignation of Director or Secretary (Form 288b)
1.15 Change of Particulars for Director or Secretary (Form 288c)
1.16 Notice to Registrar of Companies of Creation of Charge (Form 395)
1.17 Venture Capital Agreement
1.18 Director’s Service Contract
1.19 Loan Agreement between Two Companies
1.20 Declaration as to Nominal Interest in Shares by Trustee
1.21 Alternative Terms and Conditions of Trading of an Employment Agency
1.22 Execution of documents
2. Conveyancing
2.1 Letter regarding Conveyancing Quote
2.2 Client Care Letter with Fee Quote
2.3 Letter to Client regarding Joint Tenants/Tenants in Common
2.4 Questionnaire to Client on Purchase
2.5 Buyer’s Notes regarding Steps to be Taken when Buying a House
2.6 Initial Letter to Seller’s Solicitors
2.7 Contract for Sale of a Freehold Dwelling
2.8 Contract for sale of a Leasehold Dwelling
2.9 Epitome of Title
2.10 Indemnity Covenant
2.11 Transfer of Whole of Registered Titles(s)
2.12 Transfer of Part of Registered Title(s)
2.13 Transfer Pursuant to Court Order in Matrimonial Proceedings
2.14 Vesting Assent
2.15 Matrimonial Legal Charge
2.16 Private Mortgage
2.17 Completion Information and Requisitions on Title
2.18 Notice of Assignment/Charge
2.19 Letter Enclosing Notice to Complete
2.20 Notice to Complete
2.21 Statutory Declaration as to Solvency
2.22 Deed of Trust
2.23 Lease for Life
2.24 Lease of a Flat
2.25 Deed of Surrender of Periodic Tenancy
2.26 Deed of Easement for Drainage
2.27 Licence to Enter Premises to Carry Out Works
2.28 Deed of Assignment of Life Policy
2.29 Deed of Covenant with Lessor
2.30 Notice Severing Joint Tenancy
2.31 Deed of Assignment of Goodwill
2.32 Enquiries before Contract (Sale of Goodwill and Business Assets)
2.33 Contract for Sale of Small Unincorporated Business with Freehold Purchase
2.34 Lease of a Shop
2.35 Deed of Assignment of Lease
2.36 Tenant’s Break Clause
2.37 Letter to Land Registry on Death of Joint Owner
2.38 Short Form Lease of a Shop
2.39 Deed of Trust – Unequal Contributions to Purchase Price
3. Employment
3.1 Director’s Service Contract
3.2 Consultant’s Agreement
3.3 Contract of Employment of Assistant Solicitor
3.4 Disciplinary and Dismissal Procedure
3.5 Appeals Procedure
3.6 Grievance Procedure
3.7 Equal Opportunity Policy
3.8 Health and Safety Policy
3.9 Main Terms and Conditions of Service
3.10 Confidentiality Agreement
3.11 Clauses Relating to Inventions and Patents Agreement
3.12 Clauses relating to Non-Competition Agreement
3.13 Dismissal Letter: Conduct
3.14 Dismissal Letter (Capability)
3.15 Dismissal Letter (Redundancy)
3.16 Dismissal Letter (Qualifications/Contravention of a Statute)
3.17 Disciplinary Report
3.18 Warning Letter
3.19 Final Warning Letter
3.20 Compromise Agreement
3.21 Letter Inviting Employee to Disciplinary or Dismissal Hearing
3.22 Claim to an Employment Tribunal (Form ET1)
3.23 Response to an Employment Tribunal (Form ET3)
3.24 Qualifications to Apply to Employment Tribunal
3.25 Consent Order
3.26 Request for Reference
3.27 Schedule of Loss: Unfair Dismissal
3.28 Contingency Fee Agreement: Employment Tribunal Case
4. Personal Injury
4.1 Application Notice for Pre-Action Discovery (Form N244)
4.2 Schedule of Special Damages: Short Form
4.3 Schedule of Special Damages: Long Form
4.4 Tomlin Order
4.5 Particulars of Claim (Road Accident)
4.6 Letter to Defendant’s Solicitors Proposing a Joint Expert
4.7 Letter of Instruction to Joint Expert
4.8 Letter Requesting Interim Payment of Damages
4.9 Application to Court for Interim Payment of Damages (Form N244)
4.10 Notice of Application to Fix Date of Trial in High Court
4.11 Authorisation to Release Medical Records: Short Form
4.12 Authorisation to Release Medical Records: BMA and Law Society Agreed Form
4.13 Schedule of Loss
4.14 Conditional Fee Agreement (Solicitor and Client)
4.15 Notice of Discontinuance (Form N279)
5. General Civil Litigation
5.1 Letter Chasing Unpaid Fees
5.2 Particulars of Claim (Unpaid Fees)
5.3 Defence to Claim for Unpaid Fees
5.4 Request for Further Information
5.5 Reply to Request for Further Information
5.6 Application for Charging Order Over Land (Form N379)
5.7 Application to Set Aside Judgment (Form N244)
5.8 Application for Service by Alternative Method
5.9 Application by Solicitor to be Removed from the Record
5.10 Application for Security for Costs (Form N244)
5.11 Application to Extend Time for Serving Claim Form (Form N244)
5.12 Application for Order that Debtor Attend Court for Questioning (Form N316)
5.13 Letter to Client regarding Initial Costs
5.14 Letter to Client: Follow-Up
5.15 Costs Schedule for Summary Assessment
5.16 Letter to Client regarding Failure to Beat CPR Part 36 Offer to Settle
5.17 Letter to Client regarding Advice to Make CPR Part 36 Offer to Settle
5.18 Notice of Acting in Person
5.19 Notice of Change of Solicitor
5.20 Letter Drafted for Client to Change Solicitors
5.21 Notice of Discontinuance (Form N279)
5.22 County Court Fees (Form EX50)
5.23 Contingency Fee Agreement: Pre-Issue of Proceedings
5.24 Bridging Agreement
6. Landlord and Tenant
Housing Act 1988, Sections 1–8A and 212–216
6.1 Notice to Business Tenant on Security of Tenure
6.2 Statutory Declaration Prior to Entering into Business Tenancy
6.3 Deed of Rent Deposit for Business Tenancy
6.4 Authorised Guarantee Agreement
6.5 Licence to Assign
6.6 Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement
6.7 Notice Requiring Possession (Contractual Term Still Running)
6.8 Notice to End Tenancy and Requiring Possession (Contractual Term Expired)
6.9 Grounds for Insertion into Notice Seeking Possession of Assured Shorthold Tenancy
6.10 Claim Form for Possession: Accelerated Procedure (Form N5b)
6.11 Particulars of Claim for Possession of Rented Property (Form N119)
6.12 Notice under Law of Property Act 1925, Section 146
6.13 Particulars of Claim under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954
6.14 Notice Seeking Possession of a Property Let on an Assured Tenancy
8. Matrimonial and Family
7.1 Family Client Care Letter
7.2 Parental Responsibility Agreement (C (PRA1))
7.3 Letter Proposing Petition for Unreasonable Behaviour
7.4 Letter Proposing Petition for Adultery
7.5 Letter Proposing Petition Based on Two Years’ Separation
7.6 Divorce Petition (Adultery)
7.7 Divorce Petition (Unreasonable Behaviour)
7.8 Certificate of Reconciliation
7.9 Answer to Unreasonable Behaviour Petition
7.10 Answer to Unreasonable Behaviour Petition and Cross-Petition for Unreasonable Behaviour
7.11 Notice of Intention to Proceed with Ancillary Relief (Form A)
7.12 Directions for Trial in an Undefended Suit
7.13 Affidavit in Support of Petition (Form D80)
7.14 Application for Decree Absolute
7.15 Affidavit For Ouster And Non-Molestation Restraining Order
7.16 Affidavit to Proceed in Absence of Acknowledgement
7.17 Request for Information under Rule 2.63
7.18 Prenuptial Agreement
7.19 Affidavit in Support of Application to Take Over Conduct of Sale
7.20 Letter to Client on Consequences of Failing to Beat Offer to Settle Letter
7.21 Open Offer to Settle: Short Form
7.22 Open Offer to Settle: Long Form
7.23 Letter to Client regarding First Directions Appointment
7.24 Documents Required for Form E
7.25 Divorce expenditure checklist
7.26 Consent Order (Ancillary Relief Proceedings)
7.27 Consent Order (Transfer of Interest)
7.28 Consent Order (Deferred Sale)
7.29 Consent Order (Respondent in Person)
7.30 Deed of Assignment of Life Policy
7.31 Chronology
7.32 Issues Statement
7.33 Letter to Pension Provider regarding CETV
7.34 Application for Non-Molestation Order
7.35 Schedule of Assets
8. Wills and probate
8.1 Instruction for Execution of Wills
8.2 Married Person’s Will
8.3 Will Made in Contemplation of Marriage
8.4 Married Person’s Will containing Discretionary Nil Rate Band Trust
8.5 Will to Surviving Spouse with Gift Over to Charity in Default
8.6 Deed of Family Arrangement
8.7 Executor’s Oath to Obtain Grant of Probate
8.8 Notice to Non-Proving Executor
8.9 Oath for Administrators
8.10 Oath for Attorney for Appointment as Administrator with Will Annexed
8.11 Power of Attorney to Obtain Letters of Administration
8.12 Renunciation by Executors
8.13 Guidance for Completing HMRC Forms and Certificate at the End of Oaths Leading to Grant
8.14 Oath For Application for Grant by Attorney under an Enduring Power of Attorney
8.15 Will No Spouse: Residue Split Between Children
8.16 Notice to Office of Public Guardianship
9. Miscellaneous
9.1 Deed of Name Change
9.2 Statutory Declaration as to Change of Name
9.3 General Power of Attorney
9.4 Power of Attorney under Trustee Act 1925, Section 25
9.5 Prescribed Form to Make an Enduring Power of Attorney
9.6 Notice of Intention to Apply for Registration of EPA (Form EP1)
9.7 Application for Registration of EPA (Form EP2)
9.8 General Form of Application for EPA (Form EP3)
9.9 Application for Search/Office Copy (Form EP4)
9.10 Court of Protection Notification Letter
9.11 Contingency Fee Agreement – CICA Claims
10. Regulation and Client Care
Commentary: Money Laundering
Commentary: Client Care
Commentary: Complaints
Commentary: Continuing Professional Development
10.1 Client identification form
10.2 Basic money laundering manual
10.3 Internal reporting form
10.4 Complaints handling procedure.;