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Contracts of Carriage by Land and Air 2nd ed

Shipping, Transport and Maritime Law
1.Carriage of goods by road
2.Carriage of goods by rail
3.Carriage of goods by air
4.Carriage of goods by inland water

ISBN13: 9781843117469
ISBN: 1843117460
Previous Edition ISBN: 1850444811
Published: April 2008
Publisher: Informa Law
Country of Publication: UK
Format: Hardback
Price: £390.00

Low stock.

Also available as
eBook ePub 9781317748878
inc. £65.00 VAT.
eBook PDF 9781317748885
inc. £65.00 VAT.

An essential book for anyone involved in drafting, negotiating or advising on contracts of carriage by land and air this new edition provides:

  • In-depth clause-by-clause analysis and commentary of the major international Conventions and standard form contracts within these areas
  • New editions of two standard forms of contract for internal carriage by rail
  • Citation of the relevant case law and statutes
  • Footnote annotations and cross-references for each clause or provision
  • New chapter on Contracts of carriage as a whole as well as outlining the relevant rule interpretation
Major updates include:
  • Recent court decisions on CMR
  • Notes on industry developments and their legal ramifications
  • Extended commentary on the Montreal Convention 1999 on carriage by air, implemented 2004, IATA air waybill 600b and on CIM 1999, implemented 2006
  • New editions of the freightliner Conditions and of the EWS Conditions on carriage by rail within the UK
  • Extensive reference to British Waterways Conditions for the Carriage of Freight 2003 and Waterways Freight Vessel Conditions 2003
  • Notes on recent legal, policy and industry developments including those arising from EU Directives in relation to the carriage of goods by inland water

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