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BIALL Supplier of the year 2014
Wildy & Sons Ltd, winner of the 2014 ‘BIALL Supplier of the Year Award’.

Chitty on Contracts 30th ed: Volume 1 (General Principles) & Volume 2 (Specific Contracts)

Contract Law, Common Law Library
Volume 1: General Principles
Formation of contract
The agreement
Duress and undue influence
Capacity of parties
Personal incapacity
Corporation and unincorporated associations
The crown, public authorities and the European Community
Political and professional immunity and incapacity
The terms of the contract
Express terms
Implied terms
Exemption clauses
Illegality and public policy
Joint obligations, third parties and assignment
Joint obligations
Third parties
Death and bankruptcy
Performance and discharge
Discharge by agreement
Discharge by frustration
Discharge by breach
Other modes of discharge
Remedies for breach of contract
Specific performance and injunction
Limitation of actions
Volume 2: Specific Contracts; Agency
Bills of exchange and banking
Carriage by air
Carriage by land
Construction contracts
Credit and security
Gaming and wagering
Restrictive agreements and competition
Sale of goods

ISBN13: 9781847038661
ISBN: 1847038662
New Edition ISBN: 9780414048010
Published: November 2011
Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell Ltd
Country of Publication: UK
Format: Hardback, 2 Volumes & Supplement
Price: Out of print

Buy Chitty Volume 1 only

Chitty on Contracts is the leading work on the law of contract, due to its breadth of coverage, scope and detail. It is comprehensive, with a thorough review of recent case law and legislation. Chitty continues to be the practitioner's choice for authority and accessibility.

In two volumes, the new 30th edition of Chitty provides complete coverage of the law of contract, incorporating extensive reference to relevant legislation and recent case law.

Chitty on Contracts Volume 1 contains interpretation and analysis of the legislation that apply to every contract. It goes through the terms of the contract outlining principles for drafting.

Volume 2 concentrates in-depth on contracts in specialist areas. It allows you to look up the points of law for the particular type of contract you are drafting or disputing.

  • The 3rd Cumulative Supplement was published in November 2011
  • The 2nd Cumulative Supplement was published in December 2010
  • The 1st Supplement was published in December 2009
  • The Main Work was published in November 2008
  • Offers complete coverage of the law of contract, incorporating extensive analysis of legislation and cases
  • Gives the breadth of coverage, scope and detail needed to take on any type of case involving contract law
  • Contains interpretation and analysis of the legislation that applies to contracts of every kind in Volume 1
  • Provides an in-depth examination of contracts in specialist areas in Volume 2
  • Covers all the latest developments and cases, providing the best source for constructing arguments
  • Helps pinpoint the right case for supporting a client, with an authority that can be relied on in court
  • Incorporates changes arising from the Consumer Credit Act 2006, Companies Act 2006, Mental Capacity Act 2005 and the Rome II Regulation
The new 3rd supplement brings the main work up-to-date with the latest developments, including:-
  • Agreement: Durham Tees Valley Airport Ltd v Bmibaby Ltd (CA)
  • Interpretation: Oceanbulk Shipping SA v TMT Ltd (SC) and Re Sigma Finance Corp (SC)
  • Estoppel: ING Bank N.V. v. Ros Roca S.A. (CA)
  • Correction of mistake by construction: Bashir v Ali (CA)
  • ‘No reliance’ clauses: Springwell Navigation Corp v JP Morgan Bank (CA) and AXA Sun Life Services Plc v Campbell Martin Ltd (CA)
  • Unfair Terms: VB Pénzügyi Lizing Zrt. v Schneider (ECJ)
  • Champerty: Sibthorpe v London Borough of Southwark (CA)
  • Termination: Force India Formula One Team Ltd v Etihad Airways PJSC (CA)
  • Damages: Giedo Van Der Garde BV v Force India Formula One Team Limited
  • Specific performance: Araci v Fallon (CA)
  • Restitution: Benedetti v Sawaris (CA)
  • Conflict of laws: Koelzsch v État du Grand Duché de Luxembourg (ECJ)
  • Arbitration: Dallah Real Estate and Tourism Co v Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Government of Pakistan (SC)
  • Bailment: Mainland Private Hire Ltd v Nolan (CA)
  • Carriage by land: Rohlig (UK) Ltd v Rock Unique Ltd (CA)
  • Construction: Robinson v P. E. Jones (Contractors) Ltd (CA)
  • Employment: Jivraj v Hashwani (SC) and Tullit Prebon Plc v BGC Brokers LP (CA)
  • Sale of goods: Kulkarni v Manor Credit (Davenham) Ltd (CA) and KB Bominflot Bunkergesellschaft etc & Co v Petroplus Marketing AG (The Mercini Lady) (CA)
  • Suretyship: North Shore Ventures Ltd v Anstead Holdings Inc (CA)

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Klaus Vogel On Double Taxation Conventions

Edited by: Ekkenhart Reimer, Alexander Rust, Klaus Vogel
ISBN13: 9789041122988
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Publisher: Kluwer Law International
Country of Publication: The Netherlands
Format: Hardback, 2 volumes
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