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Business Laws of Oman Looseleaf

Other Jurisdictions , Middle East, Looseleaf Work
Introduction to business law in Oman, Alastair Hirst, DentonWildeSapte
Commercial Legislation
The Law of Commerce- Sultani Decree 55/1990
The Oman Foreign Capital Investment Law- Sultani Decree 102/94 as amended and with comment on the amendment of this law by the operation of Sultani Decree 112/2000
The Commercial Agencies Law- Sultani Decree 26/77 as amended and with comment on the amendment of this law by the operation of Sultani Decree 112/2000
Telecommunications Regulation Law- Sultani Decree 30/2002
Law of Electronic Transactions- Sultani Decree 69/2008
Corporate Legislation
The Commercial Companies Law- Sultani Decree 04/1974 as amended
Rules for Electing Directors of SAOG Companies, and Liabilities of Directors- Ministerial Decision 137/2002 as amended
Banking & Finance Legislation
The Capital Market Law- Sultani Decree 80/1998 as amended
Executive Regulations of the Capital Market Law- Decision No 1/2009
The Income Tax Law- Sultani Decree 28/2009
Labour & Immigration
The Labour Law- Sultani Decree 35/2003 as amended
Intellectual Property Legislation
Copyright & Related Rights Law- Sultani Decree 65/2008
Implementing Regulations under the Copyright and Related Rights Law- Ministerial Decision 103/2008
Industrial Property Rights Law- Sultani Decree 67/2008 as amended
Implementing Regulations under the Industrial Property Rights Law- Ministerial Decree 105/2008
Arbitration Legislation
The Law of Arbitration in Civil and Commercial Disputes- Sultani Decree 47/1997 as amended

ISBN13: 9781907229060
ISBN: 190722906X
Previous Edition ISBN: 1853333778
Published: April 2011
Publisher: Thomson Reuters Dubai
Country of Publication: Oman
Format: Looseleaf
Price: Price on Application
Subscription Type: Annual Subscription
Domestic Renewal Price: £1320.00

Business Laws of Oman joins Lexgulf’s Arab Business Law Library
Lexgulf Publishers announces that in June 2010 a new looseleaf publication will be added to the company’s well established Arab Business Law Library, presently comprising Business Laws of Saudi Arabia, Business Laws of the United Arab Emirates, Business Laws of Kuwait, the Register of Laws of the Arabian Gulf, and the forthcoming (June 2010) Business Laws of Qatar.

Looseleaf publication with Main Volume & Subsequent Updating Supplements
The new title is Business Laws of Oman. The publication contains expert translations from Arabic into English of the major laws relating to business in the Sultanate of Oman. Fully indexed, the initial volume of laws as listed below will be both expanded by the issue of supplements in each subsequent year containing the translation into English of further Omani business laws as well as amendments to existing laws. The Updating Supplements will be published on annual subscription.

DentonWildeSapte is Advisor to Business Laws of Oman
The international law firm DentonWildeSapte, which has had an office in Oman since 1981, is Advisor to the publication in the selection of laws for translation for the Main Work and for the subsequent Updating Service.

Highly Experienced Translators
DentonWildeSapte is contributing its own expert translations into English of all the laws to be published in Business Laws of Oman. Where applicable, footnotes are added.

Introduction from Alastair Hirst, Consultant, DentonWildeSapte
Alastair Hirst has practised law in the Gulf for many years, initially in Oman and currently in Abu Dhabi, where he is a Consultant for DentonWildeSapte. He is proficient in Arabic for all professional purposes, and is also a visiting lecturer in business law at a Middle East university.

Benefits of Subscribing to Business Laws of Oman:

  • Translations from Arabic into English are of first class quality;
  • The main Omani laws relating to business are collected in a looseleaf binder in an organised manner, fully indexed, and subsequently updated;
  • The price of a subscription to Business Laws of Oman represents good value compared to the cost of using an external translator;
  • Regular supplements keep the subscriber up to date;

Series: Lexgulf Business Laws

Image not available Civil Code of the United Arab Emirates: Federal Law No 5 OF 1985: The Civil Transactions Law
Edited by: James Whelan
ISBN 9781907229107 published May 2011 by Thomson Reuters Dubai
Cover of Business Laws of Qatar Looseleaf Business Laws of Qatar Looseleaf Annual Subscription ISBN 9781907229053
published April 2011
Sweet & Maxwell Ltd
Cover of Business Laws of Saudi Arabia Looseleaf Business Laws of Saudi Arabia Looseleaf Annual Subscription ISBN 9781907229022
published January 2009
Thomson Reuters Dubai
Price on Application 
Cover of Business Laws of The United Arab Emirates Looseleaf Business Laws of The United Arab Emirates Looseleaf Annual Subscription ISBN 9781907229015
published January 2009
Thomson Reuters Dubai
Price on Application 
Cover of Business Laws of Kuwait Looseleaf Business Laws of Kuwait Looseleaf Annual Subscription ISBN 9781907229039
published January 2009
Thomson Reuters Dubai
Price on Application 
Cover of Register of Laws of the Arabian Gulf Looseleaf Register of Laws of the Arabian Gulf Looseleaf Annual Subscription ISBN 9781907229008
published January 2009
Thomson Reuters Dubai
Price on Application 

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